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Natural, premium and effective is a key to Health Land’s personal care collections. Designed to combine traditional Thai herb knowledge with today’s hectic lifestyle to ensure maximum beauty with minimum effort. Selected only natural finest plants and herbs locally grown in Northern of Thailand with precise control. All ingredients are certified to be friendly to sensitive skin under international standard.

Each Product contains unique benefits and characters with natural vitamins, plant extracts and pure essential oils, perfect for all skin type need intensive care. Available in 6 sensuous aroma specifically designed to naturally balance the function of your body and mind while rejuvenating your skin. Health Land gives you more than comfort but the confidence to let your beauty naturally shines.


Soul Serenity
Passion Flower
Calm and Captivating

Captivate hearts with delicate and sensual natural aroma provides goodness for your mind and body. This natural scent keeps you calm, reduces stress and relief insomnia while containing strong antioxidant properties and benefiting intensive moisturizing formula from Plumeria and Safflower. Perfect for very dry and dehydrated skin, helps alleviate chapped and sensitive skin. Enrich flawless and gorgeous skin to its perfection.

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Lemony Lush
Reviving & Refreshing

Boost up energy with lemony scent of natural lemongrass aroma. Lemongrass has been used in Thai traditional medicines, aromatherapy and even culinary practice. This versatile plant helps improve blood circulation and rise energy levels. Deliver long-lasting hydration to your skin with Pueraria extract, providing anti-oxidant effect. Walking up senses for the rest of the day.

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Angel’s Amethyst
Lavender & Chamomile
Sweet & Relaxing

A soothing blend of calming Chamomile and relaxing Lavender. This natural, warm and inviting combination of aromatic scent is a stress reliever that indulges a well-deserved rest. This ultimate scent of relaxation also keeps your skin hydrated with natural Vitamin B and Silk Protein, delivering anti-aging effect. Easily absorbed formula keep your skin look radiant and remain youthful.

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Mandarin Martini
Basil Mandarin & Lime
Vibrant & Vital

Natural vitality boost with sparking zesty scent. This exotic summer citrus is an unexpected twist that helps combat negative emotions of stress, fatigue and depression while stimulating positive energy. The formula contains natural Gac and Orange peel extracts help eliminate toxins and fight cellulite of your skin. Revive youthful and healthy skin while uplifting the spirit.

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Romeo’s Romance
Mountain Rose
Romantic & Radiant

Precious beauty that is irresistible, unfold romantic floral scent of freshly cut roses on your skin. This sensual aroma boosts mental strength and invoke positive thoughts while giving spiritual relaxation. The natural formula reveals brighter and glowing skin from Pomegranate and Orchid extracts, keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Leaving the trace of intriguing beauty wherever you go.

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Whisper of the Wind
Sweet & Sensual

Feel an innocent touch of newly bloom Jasmine buds on your skin. Sensuous summer scent of feminine floral helps spiritual healing and generating positive energy. This heavenly scent represents gentle breezes, lifting spirit, relaxing body and mind. The natural properties of Jasmine and Lotus extracts offer brightening effect, calm inflammation, and promote skin firming. Encapsulate youthfulness in reach.

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Natural Moisturizing
Soap Bar

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Soul Sernity

Health Land’s Premium
On The Go Set

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Special Care

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